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If you're looking for a most knowledgeable mold inspector, you came to the right place. We are experienced mold inspectors and authors of two books on mold. We perform unsurpassed mold inspections and testing while adhering to stringent quality control. We provide detailed comprehensive reports, and fast turnaround at a reasonable cost. If you are involved in a mold litigation, we can serve as expert witness. We perform residential and commercial inspections, and also have experience with hotels. We conduct lectures on mold prevention at libraries of Orange and Seminole counties, and also train maintenance crews of hotels and institutions on mold prevention.

We are members of the US Green Building Council, and possess the highest BBB "A+ rating." Our company's approach to quality service and our knowledge on mold are what distinguish us from other mold inspectors. A+ Mold Detectives always exceeds clients' expectations.

We know how devastating a mold problem can be. As a family-owned business, we treat our customers like family. We guide our clients through the whole process by outlining how their mold problem should be remediated, according to standard mold remediation protocols.



Mold inspection and sampling is our specialty. Experience is most important in mold issues, because finding and evaluating a mold problem can elude novice mold inspectors, and many mold inspectors do not know how to interpret laboratory results -- We do! Read articles on mold we have written.

We do not perform mold remediation, which could lead to conflicts of interest. We perform thorough mold inspections and mold testing in the greater Orlando area and can travel outside of Florida. We are the leading mold detection experts, and authors of "Mold Matters - Solutions and Prevention" and "Inspection and Sampling Methodologies for Mold Inspectors." We conduct thorough mold inspection and sampling and provide comprehensive understandable reports. If a mold contamination exists, we outline the necessary steps to remediate a mold problem by including mold remediation guidelines on how the mold contamination should be mitigated. With a remediation protocol, you can then obtain bids from different mold remediation companies. Our advice: Never hire a mold remediation company who will offer to do the testing--even if they offer to test at no charge. You do not want them to design their own work, nor test their own work.

Time spent in the field performing a mold inspection constitutes a fraction of the time we spent generating a mold inspection report. Our "unsurpassed mold inspections and reports" translates to complete customer satisfaction.

Two inspectors go onsite on every mold inspection. When we conduct a mold inspection, we also look for the root of the problem, because mold is a result of moisture. Often our clients detect a musty odor, but they are unable to see anything. If a mold problem exists, we will not only find the mold contamination, but we will also find the source of the mold problem. To obtain a complete mold assessment, we recommend collecting mold samples as well, because it establishes scientifically the air quality in relation to mold, and samples also help detect mold contamination hidden from view. 

If you suspect you have a mold problem, but no red flags are visible, we recommend collecting air samples instead of performing an inspection. For more information about mold testing click here. Sometimes our clients believe they have a mold problem because they are experiencing health problems. but mold testing indicates they don't have a mold problem. However, if a problem exists, even if not seen, we'll find it.

Our mold inspection and testing services cover Central Florida and beyond, including, but not limited to Orlando, Winter Park, Maitland, Casselberry, Longwood, Altamonte Springs, Eatonville, Oviedo, Sanford, Deltona, Debary, Windermere, Celebration, Winter Garden, Ocoee, Davenport, Kissimmee, Titusville, and the East Coast.



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The purpose of mold is to decompose dead organic material.  Unfortunately for us we build our homes with dead organic materials, such as wood.

Mold, scientifically known as fungi, not only can destroy homes, it can seriously affect the health of the occupants as well as pets. The young, the elderly, and people with depressed immune systems are even more susceptible to the harmful effects of mold.

Most famous of all species is Stachybotrys mold, commonly known as "black toxic mold" which can bring serious health problems --even with otherwise healthy individuals.

Mold is a result of water intrusion or leaks that goes undetected for some time. Once this happens the homeowner is faced with finding qualified help. Unfortunately they sometime come under the spell of unscrupulous wannabees who take advantage of the situation. Watch our video about mold and avoiding getting ripped off.

Mold can be prevented. Years of field experience observing, researching, documenting water damage and mold conditions led us to the conclusion that a large percentage of these cases could have been avoided by following simple preventive measures.  The aggravation we've witnessed is beyond words and listening to people who had been affected by mold motivated us to write our first book MOLD MATTERS - Solutions and Prevention. Our goal was to empower home and building owners with the knowledge they needed about a mold situation and to teach valuable tips on mold prevention, how to save money, and avoid a great deal of aggravation. Read a book review,

Below is a testimonial from one of our customers about obtaining a 2nd opinion:
Additional references are available upon request.

The old adage of, “get a second opinion” not only holds true for medical issues, but mold as well. I am very thankful that I decided to get the 2nd Opinion and even more grateful that I used Dobbs Enterprises. Your years of expertise and knowledge about this confusing field were very evident, and I know that I really did go to the right people for my mold issue.

I would highly recommend Dobbs Enterprises, and would not hesitate to use your firm in the future if a mold issue arises.

Again, thanks for your hard work and I wish you the best in the future.

Respectfully yours,

John Tsantes

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